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About | SoundEssence
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Welcome to the home of The Sound Essence Group

The Sound Essence Group is a diverse mix of creative and technical talent committed to high quality music and audio in all its diverse expressions.

Our purpose is to provide services and products to help you overcome your musical or music-technology challenges, to assist you in realising your musical ambitions beyond what you dreamt was even possible.

Our services include:

  • recording, production and finishing of your or your ensemble’s music to professional standard (or demo standard if you’d prefer!)
  • artist development: we are passionate about working with musicians and singers to produce outstanding performances and professional musical output where there is a raw talent that needs a little help
  • providing you with original songs for you or your ensemble, or completed music to use in your productions, or original arrangements of your music for any size of ensemble
  • transcription from many forms of media such as tape, cassette, Mini-disc, vinyl, into digital form, and then into some other required medium, such as tape, CD, DVD, or even sheet music!
  • restoration of a problem recording: spectral editing, specific noise intrusion removal, general noise, hum, distortion removal, poor recording restoration
  • helping you out on a project that has hit some technical or creative speed-bump if you need musical or production input, recording assistance, software or hardware technical support

As a consultancy we can also advise on choice of hardware and software, project or educational studio construction, or specification of a quiet but powerful Windows or Mac platform configuration for your musical endeavours to suit your budget. If you ask nicely we might even build it for you! But we are not in the business of selling you equipment – like most people you probably actually already have far more than you need – now get on and use it!

The members of the The Sound Essence Group have that useful combination of great creative musical flair and knowledge, with a deep and long-standing technical expertise in professional music technology, as well as many years working and performing in both recorded and live sound. Some nugget of our experience could be just the input you need to realise your wildest musical dreams!


The Sound Essence Group have bases in London and Cambridgeshire, UK, and the founding directors are Bill Marten and John Barron


Bill Marten

Bill has been fiddling with tape machines and cobbled-together amplifiers from an early age; but when he learned to walk he banged on the doors of the BBC and they took him in and trained him to do proper audio engineering. From working on SSL and Neve desks at Broadcasting House and BBC Maida Vale studios in London, he moved into commercial recording, working in world-leading studios such as SARM West and East, The Townhouse, Olympic Studios, and The Manor throughout the audio revolution from analogue tape to total in-the-box computer based production. This journey he took alongside producers such as Trevor Horn, Stephen Lispon, Mick Glossop, Hugh Padgham, Dave Bascombe and Mark “Spike” Stent. Bill still has a soft spot for ancient technology such as valves, ribbons, and large reels of flappy rusty tape, and continues to build and circuit-bend hardware in the most alarming manner.

After working with bands from the first introduction of sequencers in the studio, Bill has worked at the leading edge of music software development with the likes of Digidesign, SSL, Sibelius, m-audio and sample library companies such as Sonivox and Native Instruments. He has always also pursued his own musical projects and continues to find time to play live, is a current published composer and producer under a number of pseudonyms, as well as producing music to commision, including commercial sample libraries and theatrical music. You may have seen him recently on the live BBC1 Christmas Day celebration Joy To The World playing some of his own arrangements with his group.


John Barron

John started life taking everything apart to see how it works (and sometimes put it back together again). He took this love of technology combined with a passion for making music and ended up with a degree in Audio Technology with Music.

By asking if he could start being the tea-boy he then continued combining technology and music at Sibelius in Cambridge and London (later Avid) working for most departments including tech / project support, IT support, web design and product demonstrations all over the UK (including the Royal Academy, Royal Northern, RSAMD), Europe and even Japan.

He has appeared on stage and TV with a wide variety of acts and performers and continues supporting projects, favouring small business endeavours, and playing live in bands including the UK’s favourite party band, The Talent.

Why not send us an email and pick our brains?