• Arranging, Recording, Production and Mixing services
  • Live or studio-based recording, including, of course, our studio in West London!
  • Professional, or demo if you’re on a budget, quality finished product, including CD design, artwork, and full production
  • Additional instrumentation, orchestration, vocals, and backing vocals can be added as desired from our rosta of outstanding singers and musicians
  • We will demo your song from scratch to help you win a publishing deal
  • Sound-alikes, in-the-style-ofs, backing tracks for vocalists, or complete with-vocal finished tracks for commercial release, or synch with film, presentations, or advertising


Take a listen to our example files on the tracks page.

The Sound Essence Group uses Apogee pre-amp/converters, Aphex and Focusrite pre-amps, and valve, condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics from Neumann, AKG, Rode, sE, and Shure amongst others.