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Synergy KM

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Tech / Equipment | 0 comments

I have long been a fan of Synergy KM.  For those not in the know, if you have two or more computers (in my case currently a desktop and a laptop, but I have used it in the past across two desktops: 1 mac, 1pc and a laptop), Synergy lets you use the same keyboard and mouse across both computers in an almost seamless way.

I finally got round this morning to checking if there was an update as although Synergy was great when it was working, it was a bit flakey on my macs running OS 10.8.

I found this version, which although had a lower version (1.0.1) number than the one I had installed (1.3.1) looked promising so I installed it.  I had problems with it not being able to upgrade properly because it couldn’t stop my current version running – just manually Quit Synergy (synergys and synergyd) in Activity Monitor (can be found in your Applications > Utilities folder on your Mac).

After installing this ‘new’ version, I opened the System preferences options for it, told the slave computer which ip address the main computer has and turned it on but the main computer wouldn’t run Synergy and gave me an error:

FATAL: Init failed: assistive devices is not enabled, enable it in system settings.

A quick Google of this led me to the ‘Accessibility’ System Preferences option (in the System row along with Time Machine etc on 10.8) and a little tick box at the bottom of the dialog called ‘Enable access for assistive devices’.

Assessibility preference pane – click on it to view larger version

Once that was ticked (as shown above), Synergy worked – although I did have to use the Server Configuration and to add the slave computer name (and position).

Works much better than the last version now!